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character, ancient and modern many well-preserved ancient buildings, almost all use teak to do decoration. In China's most prosperous on the beach, those long beautiful buildings (such as HSBC, Customs Building, Peace Hotel, etc.) are decorated with teak, although after a century of vicissitudes, but still intact, bright as new. In Europe and the United States, teak is not only a decorative material, it is a hedge goods, has become a symbol of identity and wealth.

Second, the price of teak flooring? Teak flooring raw material prices in recent years has been showing an upward trend, the first half of 2010 prices rose 15-20%. Floor prices have been rising, authentic Burmese teak flooring a few years ago 200-300 yuan / �O, good brand generally teak to be about 700. Teak has a "once owned, several generations of income," the reputation, which shows the high cost. The general floor with a few years have to reload, or teak

flooring durable, more with the more beautiful, timeless. Look at the old teak building will be able to understand, with teak built palace, temples, pagodas abound, after hundreds of years or even thousands of years still finished, it is amazing. People in the impression that the teak flooring is the best floor, but also the most expensive floor, especially high-end, the price can be more than three thousand or even thousands of square, one square meter of the floor can

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