including wood dust

In this way, a wood comprehensive utilization of resources is close to 100%. 'Guiyang City, Hengyuan Wood Co., Ltd., the reporter saw the warehouse neatly stacked with a large number of recycled wood from the surrounding processing plant to recover the corner of the remaining material and branches of wood.
The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters: 'enterprises have been built with an annual output of 50,000 cubic meters of production lines, including wood dust are all recycling. January to October this year, the completion of production 45,000 cubic meters,
the output value of nearly 50 million yuan, the product sales rate reached 98%. In recent years, Guigang City, relying on Hengyun Express MDF Co., Ltd., Jintian Wood Co., Ltd. output value exceeding 100 million yuan leading enterprises as the core, increase the industry,
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