forestry development practice

held the 'fashion Nanjing Road, wonderful music' theme activities of the street graffiti contest. 15 anime community to participate in the creation, different styles, great tension. Is the current government-led, graffiti art and social mainstream culture combined with the success stories.
Years of forestry development practice have proved that forestry without developed industry is not complete forestry, there is no status of forestry. Forestry industry system is very wide, involving the national economy first, second and third industry of multiple categories, mainly bamboo and bamboo mining and processing industry.
Guangdong forestry reform and opening up 31 years, relying on the development of wood processing industry, now not only one year to create more than 200 billion yuan output value, but also led to the rapid development of silviculture, but also for the development of low-carbon economy and social stability has made contributions.
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