is divided into: Stone sealant, mildew sealant

surface inward, different properties of silica gel dry time and curing time are not the same, so if you want to repair the surface must be dry before the glass glue (acid gel, neutral transparent glue should generally be in 5-10 minutes, neutral gum is generally mottled in 30 minutes). If you use color separation paper to cover a place, after gluing, must be taken before the skin formation. 3. curing time: the curing

time of glass adhesive increases with the increase of bonding thickness, for example, 12In the living room furniture, TV cabinet is a big bright spot, both beautiful and practical. There are many types of materials are wood TV cabinet, paint sheet, solid wood, mahogany board, rosewood furniture has always been a favorite, but the price is more expensive, we will try to understand this TV cabinet several

materials, understand the way the price of mahogany TV cabinet. First, the wooden television cabinet material choice, the baking varnish board, the baking paint board foundation material is the density board, the outward appearance passes through six spurts to bake the import paint (three bottom, two sides, a light) the high temperature bakes. At that time, the "baking varnish" used in the TV cabinet only

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