wooden floor

No matter be what season, wooden floor is used long can appear all sorts of problems. Had d1 all sorts of is on guard before floor laid measure, when using, also notice to maintain,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/1316.html]gazebo with plastic glass roofs[/url] what just can lengthy floor so is to use life.

1, the floor should be in laid of construction later period, do not get alternate construction.[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/4841.html]composite decking for sale by owner[/url] Answer after laid as soon as possible burnish and besmear outfit. Lest flyblown floor or make be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape.

2, the appropriate before floor laid tears open bag to pile up in laid spo2 days, make its acclimatization, lest appear after laid, bilge shrink be out of shape.

3, laid should have made moistureproof step,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/3631.html]Plastic Composite Handrail For Landing[/url] especially the damper circumstance such as ground floor. Moistureproof measure has besmear to prevent wet lacquer, shop treasure of moistureproof film, use matting is white moment.

4, keel should level off is firm, avoid by all means uses cement consolidate, had better use expand hammer of bolt, beautiful solid.

5, keel should choose the lumber such as the deciduous leaf pine with the more powerful force that grasp hammer, Liu An. The moisture content of keel or wool floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. Keel span shoulds not be too big, do not exceed 30 centimeters commonly. Two end should fulfil the floor to go up in keel, must not put aside for anything, [url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/11989.html]waterproofing under tile decks[/url] and must nail on every keel on nail. Do not get glue of use ability in swimming.

6, the unfavorable shop gets wooden floor board too close, should stay all around enough adjustable seam (0.1.2 centimeters and unfavorable exceed wide laid, if encounter wider circumstance part of 1's job to lie between, cut off, press copper again transfer.

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