classification of the wood floor

and slowly will be the same as the tiles, to the road of art, to the decorative road. I am very happy this year to see a brand made a "color contest", I appreciate this initiative. To enhance the proliferation of floor technology to the people on the use of the application of color concerns,
and no longer blindly only addicted to technology. Strengthen the floor so much, what new technology? When we demand the customer and return to the decoration, we will redefine the whole classification of the wood floor. I think the next few years, may be the classification of wood flooring is not so important,
it is already an indifferent thing. More is a sort of demand. For example, the whole world, the majority of Europeans advocating natural things, natural, pure three-tier solid wood, and even no paint on the product; Americans most like the country-style, retro style sold in the United States very well.
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