Department of Commerce

" Washington Post " if Department of Commerce of quote United States grows Ross, say, after the custom duty that is aimed at Canadian lumber is passed formally, [url=]deck ideas for above ground pools in small back yard[/url] the United States will begin to impose the custom duty of 19.88% to company of all Canada lumber, ask 4 Canada industry supplies at the same time the tax payment that makes the past 90 days.

The United States is the market with Canadian the biggest cork. Website of ministry of Canadian international trade says, cork is principal property of Canada,[url=]laminate front doors[/url] created a large number of jobs post and derive a service. American market depends on entrance lumber for a long time, but in going 25 years,

american forestry company often asks American government is right entrance Canada cork undertakes limitative. 2016, government of abstruse Ba Ma already began to investigate Canadian government to whether offer the allowance, benefit that damaged American competitor to cork industry. And right in enter [url=]buy backyard pavilions in minnesota[/url] into an election contest " agreement of North America free trade " (NAFTA) after the Telangpu that supports critical attitude appears on the stage, canadian forestry became the United States to increase the central point of trade issue again.[url=]outdoor deck manufacturer[/url]
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