lock level and other factors. The door leaves

number of inserted rods, the best choice of 2 locks, each control 2 inserted door, even if it can be damaged, but also will delay the time. Generally speaking, a lock can control 3 to 4 bars, a poor anti-theft performance that, once the lock is damaged, a few bars also lost. 3. see lock around the thickness and area of copper plate strengthening divided closed and fence type two from the structural design, no

matter what kind of choice, is the main part of the lock theft damage, so the lock plate should be protecting the heart is more than 2 mm thickness steel plate, heart protecting plate height not less than 500 mm. 4, the process quality of Tongmen material selection is fundamental, quality is the key production process. Special attention should be paid to the inspection of welding defects, such as welding, welding,

welding and slag inclusion. Whether the door fan and the door frame match are dense, whether the gap is uniform or not, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, the paint and the plating are even, firm and smooth. 5, ask the merchant about the purity of the copper plate, the processing technology, or ask the merchant for the inspection report of the raw material and the product

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