living environment, the quality

perfectly match each other, to maximize the show of the host's understanding of the living environment, the quality of life style and pursuit. Comprehensive advantages: take the luxury of copper doors, take the warmth of the wooden door, take the security of anti-theft door, reflect the current copper doors, wooden doors, anti-theft door all the advantages of luxury products, warm, safer. Remove shortcomings:

copper doors cold indoor defects, wooden doors outside the room corrosion resistance, security performance is weak, security doors of low, monotonous, cold, interior decoration can not be mixed shortcomings. Increase characteristics: heat preservation, sound insulation effect, greatly improved the luxury, anti-theft, insulation, sound insulation effect. Copper doors display art is an important factor for

consumers to choose it, after the surface copper doors inside large hydraulic molding machine, three-dimensional sense of strong, can provide rich product style, smooth lines, artistic diversity, copper doors tolerance industrial production in various parts of the small door tightly, the sealing of the same high. In appearance, the copper door door stereoscopic, color changing, the advantages of beautiful appearance

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