develop the artificial forest

promulgated the implementation of the six flower place Standards, the formation of the enterprise + flower cooperatives + flower farmers + standardized 'modern production development model. Up to now, Hainan flower planting area has reached 8.07 million mu, flowers enterprises up to 540,
3579 farmers, annual sales of 760 million yuan, employing 13,000 people. It is understood that, during the Eleventh Five-Year, Hainan also vigorously develop the artificial forest resources production and processing pulp, wood-based panels, plywood, furniture products, wood products,
sheet metal processing industry. At present, the province has a total of 540 processing enterprises of wood processing, the basic form of a large enterprise as a leader, a full range of wood processing and processing system, with an annual output value of 8.5 billion yuan, exports 30 million US dollars, 38,000 employees.
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