contained in dry tail

Every M. Dust is contained in dry tail gas 200 ~ 800mgt; is in collosol of 20-50mg of 50mg of 200 ~ 600mg, formaldehyde, phenolic kind of 20mg, organic carbon, gas hot pressing, [url=]deck that is 25x25[/url] cooling process, send out the aeriform; such as free formaldehyde is cut in hub piece, choose, shape wait for workshop section, return the dust pollution that can produce certain level.

2 man-made board manufacturing liquid waste and technology of processing of waste gas pollution 2.1 liquid waste administer a technology Current, the thing that home [url=]anti-slip outdoor synthetic deck planks[/url] basically uses a convention is changed + craft of biochemical sewage disposal, be like oxygen of AO(be disgusted with one good oxygen) craft and ABR,

oxygen of SBR(be disgusted with one activated sludge) craft, run the effect actually and not ideal. Some enterprises regard bath as hub the liquid waste of processing [url=]percentage of plastic on wpc[/url] time use with water, but time pound to the water quality of bath waste water with water bigger, affect system of follow-up water treatment, especially biochemical treatment system,[url=]wpc deck board[/url]
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