Wood flooring crack repair method depends on the board

Cork flooring maintenance is easier than other wood flooring, in the course of the use, it is best to avoid the sand into the room, there are individual sand into the floor, will not wear the floor. Because the sand is brought into the foot after the elastic layer into the foot, when the footsteps away,Marine Cabin Flooring Clearance they will be ejected. Of course, to remind here, should not bring too much dirty too much sand, this will still produce flow wear, therefore, into the indoor sand should be promptly removed, generally do not need to be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, do not worry about moisture will be warped, mildew phenomenon.

The use of three or five years after the individual wear, you can make up the local use, that is, in the local re-add the coating, the method is very simple,how to stain composite wood pickets gently wear sandpaper at the wear, remove the surface of the dirt, and then Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth, re-coat the coating, or cover the polyester film locally.

For the surface of the cork flooring with its solid wood flooring, half a year to play a floor wax can. The cork flooring with a resin-resistant layer on the surface is as simple as the care of the composite floor. Prevent heat damage. Avoid hot water cups and other high temperature items directly on the floor,durable wpc outdoor decking with good price so as not to burn the surface of the film. At the same time should try to avoid the sun for a long time direct access to the floor, so that the film was long-term strong ultraviolet radiation, premature dry and aging.

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