Ultra-fine grinding material must be pure reason

Ultra-fine grinding is a kind of mill, because the machine is the production of fine powder equipment, so in the production of the demand for more stringent requirements, the requirements of the material is mainly the hardness, humidity, size and feed Speed must meet the needs of the production, the other is the purity of the material, which refers to no other non-production of foreign body, such as iron and other materials can not be processed, so why the ultrafine mill in this area Na
For crushing or milling equipment, non-processable materials are foreign matter, it is in the production of equipment parts will cause great wear and tear, aggravate the aging of parts, increase the frequency of production in the production, for the final production efficiency , It is very unfavorable, so in the production to strictly prevent the entry of these foreign bodies, and some ultra-fine grinding automation is better, so you can not affect the production of the premise, the foreign body will be discharged, but a more fundamental solution Or to prohibit the addition of these materials is better.
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