Use a wide range of construction waste

After the construction of SBM machinery production of garbage equipment broadcast, there are still many people do not know the use of Construction Waste Crusher, or the concept is not very clear, to deal with construction waste and the social impact of environmental and progressive understanding is not clear, here To do a clear order.
Construction waste is handled by mobile crushing stations, such as jaw-type mobile crushing stations, impact-type mobile crushing stations, conical mobile crushing stations, which can be reused as renewable resources. And can be separated from the waste steel, scrap wire, waste wire and a variety of scrap parts and other metal, sorted, concentrated, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture a variety of steel products.
The remaining concrete blocks are processed into a variety of aggregates by means of a mobile crushing station. These aggregates are sieved to obtain coarse aggregates and fine aggregates for different purposes, such as gravel for masonry Mortar, plaster mortar, large concrete cushion, but also the production of a variety of brick, paving brick, tile tiles, waste brick, tile, concrete and so on. Can also be used as recycled aggregate preparation of low standard concrete for foundation reinforcement, road works cushion, floor and floor cushion, non-load bearing concrete hollow brick, concrete hollow partition board or autoclaved fly ash brick, High-frequency sound insulation wall panels.
These reusable Construction Waste Crusher can play a huge force in water conservancy facilities, municipal construction and civil buildings, and solve the environmental problems caused by the large number of construction waste dumping.
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