Does stone moisture affect Raymond Mill production?

When we use high-pressure milling machine, we often see the equipment requirements for stone, such as high-pressure raymond mill for grinding the hardness of the stone for the amount of stone moisture requirements must be within a few percent. This makes the first use of milling equipment users are very puzzled, stone moisture affect the production of high-pressure mill?
1, we all know that the high-pressure milling machine on the stone processing, the first shovel shovel shovel shovel grinding wheel between the grinding wheel, and then, in the roller under the strong centrifugal force and gravity, the stone was tightly rolled On the grinding ring, so that the material gradually broken into powder grinding.
2, when we understand the working principle of high-pressure Raymond Mill, it is not difficult to find that high-pressure mill in the process of grinding stone, it is easy to produce a lot of heat in the grinding chamber. If we wear a large amount of stone water, in the process of grinding water to a certain extent, heat will evaporate. In this way, it is bound to change the high-pressure mill grinding chamber air flow direction. If more serious, is likely to lead to low capacity or even blasting accident occurred.
3, when the high-pressure mill on the stone grinding process, if the stone water is too large, when being rolled, it is easy because of the humidity caused by powder adhesion in the grinding chamber. In this way, with the adhesion of more and more stone powder, high pressure mill speed, pressure is also growing, and ultimately reduce the milling yield.
4, not only that, when the stone water is too large to form the phenomenon of adhesion, but also easy to increase the friction between the components of equipment, reduce milling speed, but also cause great wear and tear on the accessories, and even reduce the high-pressure mill Of the service life. The same time as
Of course, different nature of the material, in the use of high-pressure Raymond Mill grinding operations, the requirements of the water is not the same. Under normal circumstances, high-pressure mill requires stone moisture is not higher than 6%, so as to better play the best equipment milling effect, to ensure high-pressure milling machine milling efficiency and quality can achieve the best condition.
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