South and other regions should increase the construction waste disposal equipment to promote

Construction waste has been a major problem in recent years in the development of China's economic cities, especially in the more developed regions of the South. This problem is even more pronounced. Tight land resources and fragile production environments are clearly no more The
At present, local governments have introduced policies to encourage the construction waste, especially the introduction of SBM Construction Waste Crusher equipment, construction waste disposal is no longer a problem for us, it changed the traditional landfill and open dumping these processing methods take a lot of land , Pollute the environment, and a great waste of resources, energy treatment measures, and in some pilot projects have achieved very good results, if the major cities in the promotion, will be able to change the status of China's construction waste disposal.
According to the analysis, a ton of construction waste can be made of 0.45 tons of new wall materials, the remaining 50% can be made of new road materials, 5% made of composite materials, basically no waste, fully realized the purpose of recycling. After processing the resulting aggregate can be made square brick, sidewalk brick, grass brick and a variety of color corridor, staircase brick and other products, and has been applied.
Therefore, the South and other construction waste polluted areas should increase the construction waste disposal equipment to promote efforts to provide a more realistic basis for sustainable development.
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