Mobile construction waste treatment equipment to enhance the image of urban quality

In the past for a long time, Construction Waste Crusher equipment has not been able to obtain a qualitative development, a leap, the main reason is that from the technical level can not be fully decomposed, and recycling technology is not mature enough. Later, the recycling began to enter people's field of vision, but at this time, another problem arises, when the Construction Waste Crusher equipment is a fixed production line, and transport construction waste to the designated location is time-consuming, and cause high cost , Limiting its development, people began to look for research and development of more advanced Construction Waste Crusher equipment.
Today, mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment began to gradually replace the fixed market as the main force, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery research and development of the pp series of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment is to become the focus of the market, a national Construction Waste Crusher equipment in the representative products, on behalf of The progress of the overall level of our industry as a whole. The use of the series of equipment greatly supports today's urbanization and urban and rural transformation projects, especially around the popular demolition of the construction, which are the main place of construction waste, mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment can be directly in the field operations, To achieve its in situ use, greatly improving the progress of the project, and reduce the processing costs.
Mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment to today, there have been some cities in the construction waste recycling rate reached more than 95 percent, completely over the realization of the original processing objectives, making the city in the rapid development of both urban environment The
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