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The only bad thing I can say about these glasses is that I wish they came with a better protective case. The protective bag is great for cleaning the glasses and keeping them from getting scratched, but I would really like something that is a little more durable and can withstand being dropped. After all these glasses cost about a $100 and are really an investment. I would really like to start using these glasses at work, but I'm afraid I might damage the glasses during the travel to work and back. My plan is to buy a generic glass case at Walmart, so that I can start toting the glasses back and forth to work.

Each of the links on WoW resource site, are those most desired by the elite of Warcraft. Whether you're browsing for hunter pets, NPC ID numbers, recipes for your trade skills, talent calculators, WoW power leveling guides, arena information, guild portals, or whatever, you'll be just one single click away from your muchloved Warcraft links in WoW. The WoW resource site has all of these links, and much more a single click away.

BioWare, the Electronic Arts Inc. developer behind the "Mass Effect" and "Dragon Age" singleplayer franchises, has become synonymous with conversational gameplay that allows players to chat with other characters in the hope of unlocking missions, learning more about the plot, demonstrating morality and even forming virtual bonds romantic or otherwise.

You might have a lot of questions or concerns at this point: "You idiot, green items are no longer popular with WoTLK since you can get all of your nice items from quests!" Or you might be thinking: "well, how the heck do I know what to buy and sell" or "what if I purchase all of the items that I wish to resell and some idiot decides to put his items (that he had sitting around in a bank) on the Auction House just a few gold cheaper after seeing my prices and realizing the potential". Well, at least now I got you thinking and using your brain! Lets see, what do financial advisers tell your mom and dad about investing their money? "Play it safe, DIVERSIFY" This is very True. Just like the real world, in the world of WARCRAFT (no pun intended) a wise investor must diversify among different investments. Don't just buy out one kind of an item. Don't spend all of your money on some "hot" armor that you think will sell no matter what and leave yourself broke to see others place theirs for half the price. At this point you probably have even more questions.

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