Superfine mill to eat "bad things" how to do

In the ultra-fine grinding process inevitably some accidents, such as the phenomenon of iron, and sometimes is inevitable. Because the infrastructure and production process some of the problems, resulting in drill bits, shovel teeth and some iron pieces, into the inside of the mill. In the production process according to the circumstances, check whether the need for downtime.
As the ultra-fine grinding with a special double over-iron protection device, it can not fill into the machine's shovel teeth, drill bits, hammer and other metal foreign body automatically rebound back to the feed roller or discharge machine, do not stop to check, so it The work safe and reliable.
The structure of the mill is relatively strong and strong, even into the general iron pieces will not cause excessive damage to the parts. In the event of iron into the phenomenon, the ultrafine mill is the reaction of the iron back to the feed roller, this process repeated.
However, although the milling machine has the ability to adjust automatically, but in order to protect the machine, this situation is still immediately shut down to pick out as well; because the broken iron pieces only into the next machine cavity, Discharge, so to ensure that the ultra-fine grinding in the work of security.
Ultra-fine milling machine into the iron on the work of the mill will have a certain impact. When the mill has occurred in the phenomenon of iron, grinding chamber grinding force suddenly increased, the insurance spring or the insurance tank body will lose the role of this phenomenon if the occurrence of multiple times will cause the main parts of ultra-fine grinding early damage and lead to grinding Powder machine failure, and downtime and the number of times increasing.
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