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Amongst all four Diwali days, I adore the precious kids clothing Laxmi Puja day and Bhai Dooj. Bhaidooj is special to me because of the special bond I share with my brother Rajiv. We are born on the same day (26 October) so we are very close. I have done solo fashion modeling, but never with another person and never in a sexual manner so it was a really interesting experiment.CNN: Have you heard from Jeffries or Abercrombie Fitch?Baker: No, I didn't write this letter technically for them. I like to not invest a lot of my time in people who are dedicated to misunderstanding me. What I wanted to do is reach women who look and feel like me.

Once a skinny size 8 when she shot to fame in the band Steps, she has since been every shape and size and even ballooned to a size 20 and 16 stone.But, she says, the cruellest blow of all was being accused of being a bad mother to her two children, Charlie, six, and three year old Daisy, because of her size.And the spiteful comments have left the 36 year old determined not to let her own children go through the same struggle she has had with her weight."It's ridiculous but I've got lots of stick about whether I am a good role model for my children, which is hurtful. My kids, like all kids, love chocolate and crisps, but I ensure they have a well balanced diet."I don't ever want my kids to feel how I've felt over the years when it comes to food and weight. I want them to know they are accepted and loved.

Ullman nods. "If 71 years from now, I was ever to come back and see the show . ," he muses. Burglary. Another burglary. Another violation of probation. But stricter teachers and there were many inadvertently pushed him back.The signs of these retreats were never hard for his mother to spot.They were apparent in the constant phone calls from school. He won't stay put in class, teachers reported. He talks back.Sometimes, Michael would challenge administrators directly: "You're not my mother!" he would tell them.

We constantly talk about it. At any given time that I run into her, she's wearing an article of my clothing because I gave her all of my maternity clothes. No one is ever an old pro because parenting is constantly a moving and growing thing, but clearly I have been pregnant a lot.

I knew I'd become my mother when I bought my first pair of (heaven forbid) orthopedic shoes. Mom had a long history of foot problems and had worn orthopedic shoes all of her adult life. As a teenager I was even embarrassed by them and asked her if she could "please wear pretty shoes" for my high school graduation ceremony.
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