rock bed products are generally made

objects directly on the floor surface, so as not to burn the film. Xiaobian summary: ancient boat maintenance, mainly must pay attention to four points: pay attention to keep clean, scrub, paint, heat, the role is to protect the ship wood floor, aging. The following know more knowledge of ancient boat wood floor, welcome attention to the house decoration network.Arhat bed, generally larger, no waist and waist

two types, is one of the oldest bedding, popular with consumers. The following small introduction to the characteristics of Redwood Lohan bed, the price of bed and laid knowledge. First, the Redwood Lohan bed features 1, the material is true (the whole set of furniture materials are mahogany, with the nominal consistency, no mix and play, pretending to use the situation, and the use of good or less

material). 2, art fine (wood drying processing in place, no fight, no glue, less filling, less crack, less deformation, traditional mortise and tenon structure, joint plate tight, solid, polished in place, surface treatment without any chemical composition, etc.). 3, the type of beauty (in line with the Ming and Qing Dynasties classical furniture style, classic style, shape just right, beautiful and smooth). 4, rhyme foot (in

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