furniture? The following small series to introduce

the sun Feng Shui, but after the crack the old wooden boat made of old ship wood furniture is unlikely to continue cracking. Two, the blade is mainly embodied in: irregular old ship wood furniture on the triangular gap or channel, this is mainly in the old ship wood furniture on a piece of the old ship wood edge, which is in order to make the old ship wood furniture is more straightforward. Three, fire: this fire

way is better, distinguish, he used mainly in the old boat wood head, after burning the old ship wood seems to have more vicissitudes of life. Four, punch: there are some unscrupulous businessmen with new material added in the old ship wood furniture, the new material by artificial drilling, then polish the cavity around with color painted black primer in the grinding, and on top of paint, there is difference between

this hole barrel and screw hole of the normal ship wood, old ship wood screw hole normal is to use lime + + board Ma to ship oil plugging, plugging the old traditional method is very strong, so the normal old ship wood screw hole is more or less will have white traces, because it is very strong cleaning is very troublesome, and the screw hole is difficult to deal with, so that the old ship wood screw hole dark

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