floor to its own brand

To this end, the Yangtze floor to its own brand positioning is: 'do the human brand, the difference between the use of the brand to create differences [url=http://outdoordecksale.co.uk]Outdoor Deck Sale[/url] .' Looking back, in the era of product competition, we desperately highlight the selling point of the product,
rack their brains to shape the product's personality, while four locks, while the three-dimensional lock, the new concept of endless, and the result has led to serious product homogeneity. So, the price war and start, fight to fight, in fact, manufacturers and consumers have not benefited,
(industry profits have actually maintained at a low level, the product, the upstream resources are limited, from the manufacturing sector to reduce costs Is not realistic, fight the price, and did not bring the technical innovation or cost of the process to improve, but reduced the quality standards should be).
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