a piece of old in a disastrous state

consuming, this point believe say we all understand that compared to a flat grinding and a piece of old in a disastrous state the old ship wood, smooth the old ship wood grinding is simple and easy, as a tea table can save at least two workers, a worker is not more than 150 even if it is a labor, save two workers is the cost of 300 yuan, so a piece of the old ship wood tea table but from a polish it can save 300

yuan, so that the old ship wood tea table price will be higher; there is a person in the purchase of the old ship wood tea table just follow suit, see a friend bought a good, but do not understand yourself with the old ship wood, not to mention the correct distinction between the old ship wood is true The old ship wood authentic, genuine goods at a fair price to the artistic value of the value of the collection, the

wooden table, a low-end old ship you buy just a name, because when you buy the store introduced him as the old ship wood that isThe ship is a kind of Trojan mosaic decoration materials in particular, it commonly used materials from oil, gold, iron, camphor oil Tan Pontianak teak several, with hard material, durability and other characteristics. Here we come to understand a boat off the wooden ware

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