real floor paint

furniture paint and other solvent-based wood coatings, containing excess organic volatile, triphenyl and lead, Mercury and other harmful substances [url=]outdoor waterproof deck[/url] , they are on the body's nerve liver and so will cause serious harm, and even affect the growth and development of newborns,
its harm to the human body is long and deadly. Solvent-based wood coatings are widely used in a variety of wooden flooring, furniture, etc., the implementation of 3C certified solvent-based wood coatings, including interior decoration with nitrocellulose paint, alkyd paint,
polyurethane paint and other three categories of solvent-based wood coating. City Quality Supervision and Inspection Corps official said yesterday that from next month, such as the real floor paint, furniture, paint and other solvent-based paint on the packaging did not affix '3C' logo, will be punished by the relevant manufacturers.
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