total floor costs

I ask B and B to dismantle immediately, re-paved the floor.Q & B said that the manufacturer did send the wrong floor, but "according to the industry rules, the floor once laid, can not be demolished".In order to make up for the loss, B & Q decided to degrade,
let me pay half the floor money, and re-oil the floor [url=]PVC FENCE SALE[/url] .I can't accept it for this treatment.Looking at the neither fish nor fowl floor of the new house, I am really not the taste of my heart, do you pay for the big company to decorate, and get this result?
The investigation Fu Ji received the reader's complaint, and the relationship with Q & A.The company has apologized to both readers, and made a deal to refund Mr. Mao's total floor costs, and compensate for 3000 yuan as compensation for the lack of work,
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