SBM builds new and efficient construction waste crusher

With the rapid development of urban construction, construction waste emissions are also increasing year by year, for the construction of environmental pollution recycling has become an important issue in social development, construction waste recycling and application of technology equipment has become the focus of attention. Mobile crushing station as an important equipment for construction waste processing, its performance equipment is directly related to the efficiency of resource recycling. Therefore, we crusher manufacturers through the analysis of the structure of the broken station to achieve its efficient design. The main components of construction waste are waste concrete and bricks, and they are made of cement and natural sand and gravel, which are brick and other building materials, an important part of the building. In order to maximize the use of construction waste, the first problem should be solved is one of the large pieces of material broken, the only way to break the small material can be a good way to restore the performance of natural gravel, to achieve the recycling of construction waste. For this reason we SBM machinery to create a new type of construction waste crusher. The structural design of the new construction waste crushing station The construction diagram of the Construction Waste Crusher is shown in Fig. 2: The feed handling drive wheel transmits the movement to the driven wheel ①, the hammer wheel ② and the driven wheel, Both the driven wheel and the hammer wheel produce counterclockwise rotation. The rotation of the driven wheel 1 drives the swing of the guide rod connected thereto and drives the swing of the dust board so that it is initially crushed and crushed the construction waste, and then the preliminary treated waste is sent to the next stage of the crusher in. At the same time for environmental considerations, you can set the water inlet on the feed port to prevent dust from rising. Garbage crusher process Jaw crusher through the initial treatment of construction waste under gravity, along the slide, fell to the hammer (red parts), the high-speed rotation of the hammer will be construction waste at a higher speed Bounce back to the top of a hit plate, after the garbage back to be hit back to the hammer, this time after a collision of construction waste has been crushed, smaller size. Disposal The crushed garbage is removed into the discharge box after the grinding plate has been removed. At this time, the sprayed water mist installed on the top of the treatment tank is dust-treated on the finely divided garbage. The bottom of the box baffle intermittently open, so that one can extend the construction waste block water treatment time to ensure adequate water spray; Second, intermittent opening and closing the box to reduce the internal contact with the outside air time, dust. These two points are based on environmental considerations, the water after the garbage is discharged under the action of gravity, which can be refined very thorough, basically meet the requirements of the building materials. Through the optimization of the structure of the Construction Waste Crusher, we can achieve the efficient destruction of construction waste, to achieve the recycling of resources, SBM new mobile crusher to achieve waste of construction waste.
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