how to carry on the correct cleaning crusher

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As the current production in one of the most widely used mechanical equipment, machine crusher has attracted more and more attention, especially in the basis of modernization of industry of our country is more widely used.

First of all, when the construction waste crusher to accomplish a variety of tasks, to stop the power supply is cut off, and then the appearance the dirt on the equipment should be cleaned promptly, but also need to pay attention to protect the paint layer outside the equipment, can not be too much lead paint delamination.Once found paint layer falls off, it is necessary to timely to paint, so as to prevent the equipment corrosion.

But in the process of official production, in strict accordance with the production requirements in addition to outside the operating equipment, need to do more daily maintenance work, especially the cleaning equipment cannot be ignored, so the construction waste crusher how to carry on the correct cleaning?

At the same time for the construction waste crusher surface should also pay attention to the timing of regular inspections, timely removal of dirt, it can reduce the rate of occurrence of failure during equipment operation. In the crushing machine cleaning of the bricks at the same time, but also pay attention to some common wearing pieces of equipment, whether there is wear and damage, also to check whether the loosening of the equipment of the connection point of the screw, once found deformation or cracks, must promptly report related repair personnel, timely repair.
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