Ultra-fine grinding can not wipe the stone

From the super-fine grinding of the term, we can see that this is a mill, that is used to meet the needs of a variety of materials for grinding a machine, in order to machine in the production of a better performance, In addition to ensuring a reasonable operation, but also pay attention to the problem of feed, only the right nature of the material to be grinding, where we want to analyze the function can not be used to process wet stone problems.
Above we mentioned the appropriate nature, because the ultrafine mill, although there are a wide range of applications, can be processed more types of materials, but if the nature does not meet the requirements of the production will cause clogging or wear and tear worse parts of the occurrence of such phenomena, so In the time of feeding, we must pay attention to the nature of the problem, in general, the nature of the material is included in the humidity, viscosity, hardness, size, etc., and for wet stones, can use this mill for grinding , Mainly depends on the size of the humidity is not in line with the needs of ultra-fine milling machine.
There are many reasons for the wetting of the stones in the production project: the weather is affected by the weather, the moisture of the stones itself is high, and the water is cleaned when the impurities are used. The result of these different causes is the same, that is, , Processing difficulties and so on, of course, if the humidity is in line with the ultra-fine grinding production range, then you can directly processing, otherwise it will be processed to be grinding.
How can we judge the humidity of the wet stone is not out of the mill needs? This is actually very simple, because the different types of mill in the factory, it can process the material properties are clearly stated, we are in the production of feed time, as long as the test of the humidity of the stone and then can be compared, If you meet the requirements of ultra-fine grinding can be grinding, otherwise the need for drying operation can be into the material, otherwise it will cause the production of clogging and so on.
The article mainly describes the ultra-fine grinding can not be used to process wet stone problem, the above description of this point is more clear, is to determine whether the moisture content of the mill meet the needs of the mill, in line with the words can be processed, otherwise the need Drying, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production.
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