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She gets ideas from everything around her: "I find fashion kids clothing free shipping inspiration when I'm out on a walk, from the weather, the colours. It might come from a pattern carved into the moulding of an elaborate cornice in a grand stately home or the lines of a humble wrought iron garden gate. Good design is there to be appreciated if you keep your eyes open.".

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Then, there was more depth. The songs today are nothing compared to old Guru Dutt ones. Beautiful things were created without any commercial intent. We have bad things happen to us, we're insecure, we struggle with our bodies. You look into someone's eye and you think, 'We're the same'."It's a surprising thing to say because on television (we know her best as the high rent foil to Gok Wan) she can come across as uncompromising, a fashion elitist making the case for couture over high street style. But in the flesh Smith Start is warm and self deprecating, perhaps because she has had a pretty bumpy past herself..
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