The sound of ultrafine mill represents what faults occur

Superfine grinding for the material grinding process, for the fault, is unavoidable, only in time to find its existence and solve, in order to help the production smoothly, and the fault of the discovery, in addition to the day-to-day maintenance, but also through the grinding machine produced by the voice to find its existence, here we are to introduce, in the work, the ultrafine mill of several sounds, respectively, which represents the failure of the emergence of the hope for everyone's understanding is helpful.

If the material grinding process, suddenly issued a relatively shrill of the sharp sound, and did not immediately disappear, indicating that there are some failures, need to immediately stop to check, the general cause of the main factors are ultra-fine grinding parts of the fracture or machine internal iron block, or because of insufficient material, of course, there is a possibility that because of the negligence of staff, some parts or tools have been left in the ultrafine mill room, the general solution is, Check whether the ultrafine grinding liner has broken or not to check the amount of ore, and see if the interior of the device has forgotten parts;

In the process of ultrafine grinding production, if there is a intermittent and dull impact sound, may be because some parts of the machine fell off, impact on the sound of the material, generally speaking is the lining of the plate, or grinding roller ring deformation, of course, it may also be caused by the vibration of the fan (this is mainly the wind turbine blades too much dust or wind turbine blade wear and so on), the solution is to check whether the liner is falling off, grinding roller grinding ring deformation, matching equipment fan vibration, etc. Cleaning fan blades accumulate dust to ensure that the blade is not worn;

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