Mini furniture market is hard to find?

Suitable for small units of the mini furniture really so hard to find? Reporters visited the city's major furniture stores found that, in addition to children's furniture, whether it is European or Chinese style, the vast majority of brand furniture shape really "atmosphere". Single bed is 1.6 meters long,green canvas lightweight lawn chair long 1.8 meters, double bed is to reach more than 2 meters, the sofa popular sets of sale, wardrobe, TV cabinet, coffee table, etc. are also "big man". Occasionally a few pieces of small furniture show his face, but also mostly bookcases, side cabinets and other large furniture,spiderman table and chair set "foil",independent sets of personalized multi-functional "mini" furniture almost hard to find trace.

"In the mall show furniture samples, even if the size of the model, but also generally put a large model, so more momentum,online shopping outdoor furniture display the effect is better." A brand of sales staff told reporters, and now many people like to see Up the "momentum" of the large pieces of furniture, so the store samples are also relatively large size. When a reporter asked when there are mini furniture, the sales staff said they did not produce finished furniture for small units. Reporters then asked several brands of shops, get the same reply.

Reporters learned that the large number of brand furniture are produced in accordance with the assembly line, almost do not accept customization, some small furniture manufacturers in order to accept the order to customize the list, but the furniture is difficult to buy, It is only based on the actual size of the owners home,plastic kid table and chair set combined with existing products, tailored to build some "reduced version" of furniture, quality and difficult to guarantee, the furniture loading function will be affected. From this, according to the irregular shape of small houses, targeted production, multi-functional furniture, there are still gaps in the market.

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