Reinforced wood floor

The brand-name products generally to maintain the market reputation, with a perfect after-sales service system, even if the floor is out of the problem, the dealer will be responsible for maintenance or replacement.So, when choosing the floor, you'd better choose some good products recommended by industry associations such as brand products or floor committees, and to look at, more than one, and calculate more.
Reinforced wood floor with its need not to be polished to paint, wax maintenance, convenient installation, new style, and other features, in our country has been more and more consumers'love.Reinforced wood floor in 1995 entered our country, has become a remarkable industry.
At present, the annual output of our country has reached more than 4000 square meters, the development is amazing, and there are more than 100 brands, how to choose the following ten aspects: 1. The surface wear-resistance change is selected according to the use of the site.Household general 6000 turn around, public place 10000 turn around.
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