moistureproomethods real wood floor

Real wood floor is natural lumber place is made, have lie between wet, sound insulation, heat preservation to send warm, winter warm Xia Liang, stretch feeling of strong, foot is comfortable wait folot of advantage.[url=]best tongue and groove flooring[/url] Nowadays, the advantage that most consumer has realised real wood floor to be highlighted ivariety of bedroom ground material.

Picture of porch wood floor

Expand to solving fact wood floor to suck tide,[url=]composite decking bakersfield[/url] metabolic problem, list the following kinds consult for you here:

A, ground is moistureproof processing technique: Use commonloil two fel(three-layer bitumen two tarred brown paper, again above wipcement, prevent evil spirit to releaseSimple processing technique is to spreamoistureproof film.

B, will balance through installation board piece expand: Some adds floor owool,[url=]Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor Fencing[/url] some to install requirement board on keel piece stay have 0.2mm some wide gap, requirements are indoor stay quadrilateral work board goes to the lavatory put humidity, some of the floor side requirement wall adjustable seam inside set bedspring, some to use aluminium alloy keel.

C, board piece moistureproof processing technique:[url=]front porch material options Aruba[/url] Candle of backboard tongue-and-groove lacquer, besmear, fu aluminous platinum, Fu is plastic use accept rice technology to wait. (network of origin of the picture in article)

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