big plywood of our country

The export that Canada of second half of the year will increase pair of China and other Pacific Area is touched in the gain loss of American market with rushing. However, business of Canadian sawn timber will be faced with the puissant snipe that comes from the competitor such as Europe, the Oceania in Asian market. [url=]build a wooden balcony railing[/url] Upgrade industry of board of state of Pi of " timberwork " thoroughly remould oneself Jiangsu saves the Guan Hu of Pi state city to press down,

be in early period of bright Qing Dynasty is Su Luyu Anhui the lumber of 4 provinces boundary is distributing center base. Plank of 90 time man-made enters the century on after [url=]patio deck price calculator[/url] industrialization produces pattern, pi state city became 4 big plywood of our country to produce base, be known as the countryside " of " China plank.

However in recent years, because the major plank of this city produces a business,did not upgrade in time replacement, appeared to develop speed to change the evidence of delay. [url=]mold resistant composite fence panels[/url] Do this have company of more than 2600 plate, production value to exceed 30 billion, how will the region that ranks one of 4 big board base of our country develop? When seeing Xu Yongzhen, it is a plywood that visits Linyi town in Shandong in manufacturing company.
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