The furniture market needs to solve the main contradiction

Last year in July, Beijing wood furniture industry ushered in the most stringent environmental standards. Standard requirements Beijing furniture enterprises need to be fully converted by 2017 water-based paint, or will face the market out of the crisis. The standard introduced only six months,toys r us frozen table and chair set the capital of several enterprises will have Baotuan relocation. Many companies said that with their sitting to be brutally eliminated, it is better to take the initiative to take the initiative to seize the initiative. It is understood that there will be more production enterprises in the future passive or active to move out of the capital, is expected to remain in the production base in Beijing suburban furniture, the number of enterprises will not exceed the existing number of 1 /

I would like to tell you that the whole line to use water-based paint really not so simple, which involves the water-based paint coating process, cost and production line. According to a well-known industry sources: "So far, more than 1,000 furniture manufacturing enterprises in Beijing only Qumei a company has been fully implemented water-based paint reform,what are the benefits of stainless steel furniture? and the rest of the vast majority of enterprises are still using oily paint "Visible water - based paint to upgrade the difficulty of large.

Only from the coating process, the water-based paint on the construction environment is extremely strict, the construction environment temperature must be above 5 ℃, relative humidity below 85%. Construction must be cleaned before the site, because the dust and debris in the construction process will also affect the coating effect. As the film is thin, water-based paint must be used several times to achieve the same effect with the oil paint. For example, with oil paint brushing,Kerusi bilik makan promo kod may brush "a bottom two sides" is enough, with water-based paint to do "four at the end of two sides" or "four at the end." Most of the domestic spraying workers for water-based paint is still relatively unfamiliar, in order to fully grasp the water-based paint coating process takes a long time.

rior to this, water-based paint market demand has been very low, so the domestic water-based paint production less raw materials are basically imported from foreign countries, expensive. Plus paint than the oil paint costs, resulting in furniture manufacturers use water-based paint costs than the use of traditional paint costs 30% -50% higher. According to another person engaged in furniture manufacturing for many years, an enterprise in the upgrading of production lines, including the increase in water-based paint automatic spraying production lines and supporting facilities such as central dust removal facilities,buy used folding table low seat boiler reconstruction and other investment of more than 2,000 million. For small and medium enterprises, maybe they do not want to change, but can not afford to change.

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