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Recently, Kunming Gan furniture industry Chamber of Commerce Nan Kang Council held a conference in Kunming. According to reports, in the furniture industry in Yunnan,high quality lounge chair the Jiangxi business is a larger group, from production to sales, stores and other furniture links are active in the Gan business figure. With the growing sales of furniture in Yunnan, Jiangxi Province, the development process will inevitably encounter some difficulties and problems, a single enterprise power is limited, Gan business furniture Chamber of Commerce which came into being, in order to engage in the furniture industry in Yunnan solidarity Up Baotuan operation,bar furniture set rattan outdoor bar stool improve the ability to control the market and resist risks.

Nan Kang is the city of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Nan Kang furniture industry after 20 years of development, has gradually become the advantages of Nankang industry and pillar industries. Last year, the local furniture industry output value reached 880 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, is expected to enter the ranks of hundreds of billions this year, for the production and marketing through-train,folding beach chair export integration of foreign trade integrated industrial clusters.

In Kunming, China Merchants Furniture Industry Association Nan Kang Council was established in 2012, the development so far, in Yunnan Nan Kang furniture business members have more than 200, sales from more than 800 million in 2009 development so far, 2015 South Kang Furniture sales in Yunnan has reached 830 million yuan, the wholesale business district covers the province's state cities,modern sofa furniture custom make while radiation and other neighboring provinces and Southeast Asia market.

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