whole town new label

3 produce an item 19, always invest 10.36 billion yuan. Basically involve the home to reside content shedding, equipment to make, the many domains such as travel of biology science and technology, Internet, environmental protection, urban and rural construction, culture. From the point of area of distribution of item, [url=http://outdoordeckmanufacturer.com/eco/8202.html]composite panel ceiling materials[/url] suitable celebrate an area 6, always invest 2.4 billion yuan; Area of high level ground 6, always invest 2.8 billion yuan; Fine hill area 6, always invest 6.8 billion yuan;

The city in Lang 7, always invest 1.6 billion yuan; Southern county 6, always invest 3.2 billion yuan; Appearance Gansu county 7, always invest 2.5 billion yuan; Xicong county 10, [url=http://www.outsidewpcdeck.com/projects/11104.html]composite plastic chairs price Adelaide[/url] always invest 2.7 billion yuan; Battalion hill county 7, always invest 3.5 billion yuan; Bitter fleabane installs a county 6, always invest 4.5 billion yuan;

Fill south via opening an area 1, always invest 600 million yuan. According to statistic, this year 1 to in May, whole town new label is filled to arrange a project south 103, project of new go into operation 75, project of new complete put into production 40, implementation reachs the designated position capital 28 billion yuan.[url=http://wpcdeckboard.com/project-case/12166.html]non slip paintable composite panels[/url] Jia Ling of 5 billion big odd settle makes garden of annatto originality industry That day south sufficient assembly room is set in Jia Ling area western small town of annatto culture originality, this also is south fill this start working the largest sheet in 62 projects.
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