composite wood floor

Many countries prohibit the reinforcement of composite wood flooring for use in the household, only used in public use, is to strengthen the composite wood floor harm,And can't solve the problem.In fact, the products that are currently in compliance with the national standards are as harmful as they are, as if the cigarettes to the national standards are as harmful as people, smoking is harmful to one person.
And formaldehyde pollution is harmful to the whole family.Also ask a star to advertise, add some anti-counterfeit functions, the same, can achieve the purpose of reassuring consumers.The company takes a good name: "xx Import and Export Service Company"gives people the impression that it is imported floor, actually?
God knows!10th to strengthen the quality of composite wood floor quality by the naked eye can not be resolved, but the merchant knows, they know when to strengthen the wood floor will be a problem,Before a large number of complaints, the company's address, contact telephone all change,
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