formaldehyde pollution-free straw floor

automation transformation project,how to replace 18 vinyl floor tile for sales target exceeded 500 million yuan. Our business would have accounted for 80% of exports, but this year will increase the domestic market investment, the main push; 0; formaldehyde pollution-free straw floor, improve the domestic market share. ; Jiangsu Rocky Wood Co., Ltd. Chairman Shen Ming-sheng on business development is very confident. Flooring industry, is the traditional characteristics of Henglin industry,[url=]garden bench wood slats where to buy[/url] but also the pillars of the cross-forest industry, to; Eleventh Five-Year period, the end of the flooring industry on the output value of Henglin Town, the rate of about 40% of the

development of the flooring industry on the overall economic development of Henglin has a significant effect. In recent years, the development of reinforced flooring throughout the country,getting animal grease off of deck the rapid development momentum, cross-forest flooring industry is facing; standard far away, pursuers gradually; dilemma, how to change this situation, Henglin town government and the floor industry to change the concept of key enterprises , An objective analysis of the market situation,[url=]cyprus fence panels[/url] proposed to upgrade and enhance the floor industry. ; We have to strive to 2012, the town of flooring industry cluster output value of more than 12 billion yuan, three-year

growth of about 23%, the export scale of more than 700 million US dollars. ; Heng Linzhen party secretary Xu Yuexing said, Henglin town flooring industry, the second five-year development plan has been perfected,wood plastic composite sheet material the flooring companies to continue and China Forestry Branch, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other cooperation, relying on the town government and flooring enterprises to establish the development of flooring industry (Pvc flooring, wood-plastic products, spray paper),[url=]bridge deck waterproofing systems[/url] enrich the variety of products; improve the enterprise; to improve the quality of the product; to improve the quality of the product; Internal management level,

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