lumber not only increased

Si Nuo expresses, be in the United States, the reserves that is lumber not only increased, in last few years the forest is enclothed rate also rising. Main reason is, rise as what agriculture manufactures efficiency, retreat the economic benefits that returns Lin Zaixiang to answer n cultivated land to stimulate next [url=]next wood hollow decking[/url] power thering is no lack of. Si Nuo expresses, the whole world is close to the growth that the silvan stumpage save up of 50% estimates to come from the United States,

evaluate a report according to natural resources of forest of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2000 ~ between 2010, american forest enclothes a [url=]no deformation outside patio bar[/url] quantity to increase 610 million stere every year; And China and Russia increase respectively 234 million with 125 million stere.

According to the report of Xinhua News Agency, food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations announces " global forest natural resources evaluated a report 2015 " show, arrived 1990 2015, global forest area reduced 1.935 billion mus, and silvan area of China grew 1.12 billion mus. "Because economic benefits [url=]recycled pvc fencing wales suppliers[/url] is not quite good,forest land of land of a lot of places decreases is. For instance Brazil is mixed Yamaxun area, they think to develop stock raising to perhaps be planted soja ground economic benefits is better than forest land. And faster area grows in the forest land area such as North America, Europe, have forest land of enough economic motivation tarry.
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