reason to replace" these floors

Now that we have been in April, we have done two things. The first is March 10 Ruijia held in Beijing, "Spring 2007 red ribbon in action - Pu Cunxin to bring Ruijia floor righteous charity sale activities." There are two main purposes for organizing this event. One purpose is to extend our "no reason to change" service to our Ricky.
"There is no reason to replace" these floors, we need to have a disposal approach, need to give consumers an account, but also need to give the community a report, tell us that we have no reason to replace the service three years in the end how many customers enjoy this Service, in the end for the number of the number,
what is the reason, what reason for the change, and then replaced these floors is how the last disposal, which is one of the purposes. The second purpose, as a business, we believe that the obligation to do their own ability to return to the community, the community is very large, to return a lot of ways,
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