macerate paper lamination

National level presses wood to pledge the regulation of project of floor surface wear-resisting is to macerate ply of paper: Business uses class ≥ 9000 turn, ≥ of class of family expenses Ⅰ 6000 turn, ≥ of class of family expenses Ⅱ 4000 turn. This second selective examination the product with exterior unqualified wear-resisting,[url=]horizontal weave fence panels[/url] examine to be in as a result 100 turn to 3500 turn between, examine to all ask under class of its nominal family expenses Ⅱ as a result.

Static music intensity is the main index that reflects product machinery strength, reflective product resistance curves destructive ability. Strength of static music of floor of woodiness of [url=]cheap plastic wood hollow flooring wholesale[/url] macerate paper lamination is better, capability of floor resistance trample is stronger. With 2 arrive even port the quantity is exemple,

see quotations of value of market of lumber of domestic needle leaf move toward As we have learned, the near future each port lumber arrive the amount increases apparently, full continent in arrive amount by early days everyday 200 much cars increase / of 440 much cars, 2 connect port by 30-40 car everyday, add 100-120 car / day,[url=]no expansion wood fence panels installation[/url] peaceful fragrance river everyday arrive the quantity also is controlled in 300 cars. Marine material is main haven, too storehouse major goods yard is in harbor saturated condition, goods yard of haze hill harbor also is in retain the position with higher volume,
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