deal sawn timber

Our country wood is opposite the price is low, quality has assure, satisfy domestic need not only, also can get of international consumer love, the whole world such as Asia, North America and Europe 100 many countries import wood from our country, as a result of lumber resource scarcity, to satisfy need, longer the in [url=]torrefied biomass plastics and polymers[/url] short supply that lumber of will many entrance makes up for raw material inside time. It is with deal sawn timber exemple: According to needle leaf sawn timber imported statistic to make clear 2016,

2016, our country imports deal sawn timber 21.07 million M3, go up greatly than the 17.46 million M3 last year 3.6 million, go up amount to 20.6% , importing origin respect, [url=]how much is plastic decking uk[/url] the deal that imported from Russia 2016 goes up greatly 38% , hold half of country, annual is amounted to 11.6 million; Canada somewhat fall after a rise, it is 16 years 5.22 million,

relatively decreased last year 350 thousand; Finnish and successive the 2nd year amplitude exceeds 50% , amount to 16 years completely 950 thousand, firm become China country of origin of the 3rd big sawn timber. Depend on the lumber of our country mushroom imports an amount, a batch of haven that are management [url=]wood flooring dallas[/url] characteristic in order to import timber or port get quickly developing, and have business of more and more lumber of haven attention entrance, the lumber entrance with huge amount increases.
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