look at the floor

The connection between Di Ban kuai is a problem that people often ignore, because the floor is usually paved by workers,We don't get involved in it, but if you're a DIY lover,It will be found that the link between the Di ban kuai is at least two major problems, one is the speed of the pavement, one is the tight degree between the plates.
If you look at the floor from Europe, you'll find that they pay attention to the interface between the floors and the Di ban kuai of the production line.Don't worry about something that doesn't match.Moreover, the installation is very simple, usually to the tenon mouth, one insert press, that is to complete.
In fact, this fast installation comes from the actual situation in European countries, because there is a very expensive manual.In order to save the cost of manual consumption, the manufacturer has to work hard to develop a quick and accurate installation.Fast doesn't mean rough.
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