UV paint floor

The main difference between the B grade plate and the A grade plate is that the proportion of the fine plate is less than that of the A grade, and the surface of some B plate is color difference and the wood is slightly poor.There may be quality defects (such as defects).
The solid wood paint surface can be divided into light and matte. After Ya guang processing, the surface of the floor will not be caused by the light refraction of the eyes,Not because of the floor over-sliding and wrestling, and the Ya guang floor decoration effect is also very high, family decoration is more common.
Advantages: solid wood UV paint floor is pure wood products, material temperature, foot feeling good, real nature.The surface coating is smooth and smooth, the size is many, the choice is large, the maintenance is convenient.Disadvantages: the floor wood is fine, dry, damp after easy shrinkage, the production of reverse distortion, installation is more troublesome, the price is high.
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