balata wood

The businessman represents its value gliding basically is to be affected off-seasonly, nevertheless freight of sea of be enslaved to be enslaved to uses the influence of the element such as [url=]pictures of deck benches[/url] tall look forward to and exchange rate, the entrance cost of balata wood still opposite taller, because of although this is current the price of balata wood somewhat fall after a rise,

but the price of period of the beginning of the year of far still outclass. At present × of ″ of 4/8 of norms of wood of Guangdong market balata 2, 5 ″ × 1, class of 1.1m, Ab quotes 4900, [url=]anti-cracking wood decking for garden[/url] 5000 yuan / × of stere;4/8 ″ 2, 3 ″ × 1, class of 1.1m, C quotes 4400, 4500 yuan / stere. Burmese respect, in off-season atmosphere strong background falls,

burmese lumber market has improvement hard, prices persists weak force is arranged. Price respect, the businessman states the market stock of Burmese material is relatively in short supply, [url=]roof garden decking waterproof for sale[/url] and stock cost is relative also taller, its price does not have the likelihood of fall after a rise almost, maintain basically smooth.
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