colorful furnishings

Color furniture and healthy life colorful furnishings and furnishings, will become a healthy "nutrients", and vice versa is detrimental to health. The following describes some of the experts concluded that the so-called "color function."
Red: Stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase adrenaline secretion and enhance blood outdoor wood panels Hong Kong

But too much exposure to red, will produce anxiety and physical and mental pressure of the emotions, so that fatigue is exhausted. So, in the bedroom or study should avoid using too much red. Orange: produce vitality, induce appetite, contribute to the absorption of calcium, conducive to recovery and maintain health. This color applies to the entertainment room, kitchen, etc., on the bedroom, study is not appropriate.charcoal stain for deck sydney

Yellow: can stimulate the nerve and digestive system, strengthen the logical thinking, but the golden decoration is easy to cause instability and arbitrary behavior. So in the bedroom and the activities of the place, it is best to avoid the use of golden furniture furnishings. Green: beneficial digestion, promote the balance of the body, and can play a sedative effect, good or physical and mental oppressed people benefit. Natural green has a certain effect on syncope, fatigue and negative emotions. Blue: can reduce the pulse, adjust the body balance, in the bedroom using blue, can eliminate tension, help reduce headaches, fever, syncope, insomnia. structural insulated panel commercial building

The blue environment makes people feel quiet and quiet. Purple: the motor nerve, lymphatic system and the heart system has a repressive effect, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, there is to promote quiet and love and care for others. Indigo: Adjustable muscle, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect the visual, auditory and olfactory, can reduce the body's sensitivity to pain. The color is not suitable for decoration, but if used for cloth, can make people feel wood composite lumber sheeting 4"x8"

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