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However, for the new charging model, the industry is mixed, some experts think that this is a kind of gimmick,Some decoration companies think this is just a kind of speculation behavior, and the square-meter valuation of the original Yong San you decoration company thinks this is a change,It is a challenge to the opaque and An xiang operation of traditional pricing.
So, what is the attitude of consumers to this new pattern of different people?The price of square meters is a kind of change.Sun wei San you, general manager of real innovative Company, believes that the square-meter valuation is a kind of change to the traditional pricing method.
"from the enterprise point of view, the square meter price is the way to use the batch customization.It can effectively reduce the cost of purchasing, logistics cost and the related costs of the intermediate link.By the way of mass customization, the project purchase of Zhu cai is done, and the commission, commission and rebate of material circulation are all kickbacks.
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