use wood as production

The lumber that this research inspected to produce place of oar of Xie Mu of a ton of needle to need in Finnish UPM is measured, and what what use arboreous need is unripe long. [url=]vinyl beautiful white fence pots sale[/url] The tree that place of every tons of oar uses up can purify more than 8 million cubic between growth period water, absorb more than 4, 000 kilograms carbon dioxide.

In a variety of Finnish 20 thousand forest, great majority can use wood as production. Hundreds kinds of species, if moss, lichen and insect are relied on,make an oar live with tree. [url=]leak proof outdoor deck floor covering[/url] The forest can ensure newlier regularly of these species survive for a long time. The operation of UPM uses lumber to be a foundation with much effect, produce pulp not only, also produce curium wood, plywood, composite material, paper and label material.

The company also uses forestry by-product and hangover production the sources of energy, biochemistry product and but second birth derv. Develop can develop field of vision continuously "In ' ecosystem serves ' below the help that evaluates a method, the way that can change through more appearance will describe land management [url=]high quality floor for south africa[/url] and raw material to produce the effect to the environment. In research, chose the as mainest as what global environment problem concerns index, be like but natural resources of change of second birth rich, climate, clean water and biology diversity " ,
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